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Our Journey

We were established in year 1988 and have roots in Mumbai. We gained experience of more than 25 years in catering to various pharmaceuticals companies.

We introduced trading company with a vision of serving various pharmaceutical companies/ancillary industries with lab chemicals, excipients, solvents etc.

Our Mission

With a vision of serving the pharmaceutical companies, Late Shri. Jayantilal Shah took the leadership. Under his leadership, the company showed an immense growth in revenue and business model. After him, the success has been taken forward by Mr. Hemant Shah.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Hemant Shah, the company has been demonstrating various business strategies and is achieving significant milestones with years passing by.

We also stepped forward in exporting raw materials and chemicals across the globe.

Our Principles

We do not compromise on the quality and follow professional industry standards.

For us, "Quality is not an act, it is a habit".

Following this principle, we deliver highest quality raw materials and other required items to our esteemed clients. Our highest quality raw materials are reflected in the final products that are delivered by the various pharmaceutical firms.



Diamond Corporation
40 Babu Genu Road,
Ashish Building,
3rd Floor, Room Number: 35,
Mumbai: 400003
Office: 022-22014683
Fax: 022-22010963
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Hemant Shah
(+91) 9869011672

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